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  Metabolomics has become a relevant tool in biomedical research. Over the last decade, most relevant universities worldwide have promoted the development of Metabolomics groups, societies or even Metabolomics Centres ( Metabolomics combines an analytical technique like mass spectrometry coupled to chromatography (LC-MS) or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) with multivariate statistical methods in order to unveil which metabolic pathways are dysregulated through variation in metabolite concentration. Metabolites analysed with this methodology are currently small molecules (< 2000 Da). Metabolomics is related to what is known as precision medicine or personalized medicine ( Our group aims at using mass spectrometry- based metabolomics for finding biomarkers in biological fluids that could serve for early disease diagnosis and improving therapeutic treatments. A Synapt™ HDMS G2 mass spectrometer coupled to an Acquity™ UPLC chromatography system (WATERS™ Corporation) is available for our research at present. Collaboration with diverse groups in different projects is underway.


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    Patent request. Request No. P202131071. Date 17/11/2021. Record bureau OEPM Madrid. Title: “MÉTODO DE PREDICCIÓN TEMPRANA DE LA EFICIENCIA REPRODUCTIVA EN RUMIANTES” (“A method for early prediction of reproductive efficiency in rumiants”).  


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  • ORCID: 0000-0002-0241-8756
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  • Guest editor of the special issue of the journal Metabolomics (MDPI) with the subject of “Advances in Lipidomics: Biomedicine, Nutrients and Methodology” at, and
  • Dissemination: ¿Los alimentos transmiten, previenen y/o curan la COVID-19?. Convocatoria Cuenta la Ciencia 2020. Fundación General CSIC.


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